Pastured Chickens

Pastured Chicken

If you have never tasted a pasture-raised chicken, you are in for a real treat.  As soon as they can handle the outside temperatures (2-3 weeks), the chickens are moved out on to pasture. They consume up to 30% of their total diet in fresh greens - grasses, clover, and other legumes, along with seeds and insects. We supplement this diet with fresh organic feed from our local Amish mill. Each day the pens are moved to fresh pasture where they leave behind a rich source of nutrients to build up the soil. Since they were raised the way nature intended, the taste and quality of this meat is heads above the industrial-confinement chicken you buy in the store. Try it once and you will never go back!


Whole Chickens are $5.00/lb and are available at both of our Winter Farmers Markets in Carmel and Normandy Farms

  • Boneless, skinless breasts  $9.50/lb        2/pkg
  • Tenders- $9.00/lb           1 lb pkg
  • Wings- $4.50/lb             10 wings/pkg
  • Leq Quarters- $5.00/lb    3 quarters/pkg
  • Hearts- $2.50/lb            2 lb pkg
  • Livers- $2.50/lb             2 lb pkg
  • Chicken Frames- $1.50/lb     2 frames/pkg

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