Pastured Heritage Turkeys

Narragansett and Bourbon Red Turkeys

Bourbon Red Turkey

         Pasture Raised Turkey

Turkeys are the ideal choice for our diversified pasture-based farm. Heritage breeds such as the Narragansett and Bourbon Red turkeys are active foragers, happily spending their day in the pasture, looking for delicious treats. We supplement this natural diet with organic feed from a local Amish mill along with extra vegetables from our garden. Our turkeys play an important part of the sustainable farm by helping to control pests on the farm and fertilize our pastures. They are  good mothers, very friendly, and have a beautiful classic look. If you have never tasted a pasture raised turkey, you are in for a treat. Because they get the best organic feeds, plenty of exercise and vegetation in their diets, their meat is firmer, juicier, and far superior to anything you can get in the store!

Turkeys are available for both Thanksgiving and Christmas- $7.50/lb with a variety of sizes available



Narragansett Turkey


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