Farm Fresh Organic Eggs

Farm Fresh Organic Eggs    

Chickens that live on Blue Yonder Organic Farm are raised the way nature intended. They spend their days roaming the pastures, foraging for bugs and other goodies.  Because chickens cannot survive on pasture alone, we supplement their diet with fresh certified organic grain, purchased from a local Amish mill. As a result of this natural diet, our eggs have more beta-carotene, vitamin D, vitamin A, vitamin E, folic acid, omega-3 fatty acids but nearly half the cholesterol when compared to conventional eggs.

Our eggs range in color from shades of brown to greens (please remember that the color of the shell has no bearing on the quality of its contents) They are always fresh, always delicious! Crack one open and discover the deep beautiful orange yolk and fluffy egg white that set these eggs apart.



Chicken Eggs are available at $5.00/ dozen

Duck Eggs (avail Spring- Fall) $6.00/ dozen

Turkey Eggs (avail Spring only) $6.00/ dozen


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