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Winter Wonderland

Posted 1/7/2014 1:15pm by Sara Creech.


I need to confess that Winter is my least favorite season...I know I know, there are lots of wonderful things that you can do now that the busy growing season is over. There is no more weeding, no more fencing, mowing, harvesting...animals chores become minimal, and of course there is the beautiful snow. Every summer as I collapse in to bed after sweating yet another day away, I dream of sipping hot tea by the fire during a crisp winter, while reading the perfect novel. Truth be told, I have yet to do that. Instead, I spend hours planning next years farm...studying the seed catalogs, working on business planning, attending farm conferences. I have already grown restless and am counting down to spring. I can't wait for baby animals- too cute for words! I love the flush of light green peeking out from the trees, the seeds pushing through the soil. Ah...I remind myself that those days will come but right now I need to sit back and soak in the beauty and quiet that winter offers.

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