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We're on Our Way

Posted 7/23/2014 4:13pm by Alicia Moore.

By Alicia Moore and Sara Creech

                It’s been a while since we last posted, our sincerest apologies! We promise to post more blog entries during the season! We have still been keeping up on the Facebook page, thanks to the people who drop by the page to look at the photos and say hello.

We are quickly approaching August and time is flying faster than we ever could have imagined. Our days on the farm are awesome, but busy. Livestock chores, meetings, weeds, fencing, broken equipment—it all seems to add up and eats away mercilessly at our work time. We have plenty of people come out to visit the farm to pick berries and buy produce and eggs, and we have had several military veterans come visit us as well, learning a little bit about agriculture and finding a sense of peace. We have started a special photo album on Facebook for the veterans who come visit us, entitled We Love Veterans. But to be honest, we always love visitors who come willing to learn about agriculture and spend some time with us.            

One of the most exciting recent events is that we received some funding from a non-profit organization called World Learning. In April, Alicia went to glamorous New York City and gave a presentation on the importance of placing military veterans in agriculture so that we can work on two problems at once: the disgusting rate of veteran suicide (22 per day) and cultivating a new generation of farmers to meet the growing demand for food. Currently, the US does not have enough young farmers to replace those who are retiring; veterans want the job, let’s give them the training and support they need. With this new fellowship funding, we will be able to train ten veterans for one week here on the farm and offer additional employment opportunities afterward.          

While not completely done, we are putting together the curriculum of our veterans training program for the late spring/ early summer of 2015. Veterans who participate in the program will receive guest lectures, field trips, educational materials, housing and food. They will be shown a wide variety of agricultural production models, eat good food, and get to bond with other veterans. We have tentatively named this program Battlefields to Farm Fields and we are really excited to have the vets here on the farm next year.            

We are still selling every Saturday at the Danville Farmers Market, thanks again to the community who has been supporting us and visiting our booth—we couldn’t do it without you!

                        Per her fellowship, Alicia writes a monthly blog for World Learning. To read June’s blog, click here: http://blogs.worldlearning.org/now/2014/05/21/battle-buddies/  

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