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Here Comes the Sun

Posted 4/29/2014 9:49am by Alicia Moore.


Spring has finally arrived at the farm! It seems as if we have gone from 0 to 60 in no time at all—there are new babies (lambs, ducks, turkeys, chickens) and plenty of chores to keep us busy.   The weather has been a bit tricky this year, and as of today we only have a few items planted in the ground (leeks, garlic, some flowers) because it has been too cold and too wet. We are planning on tilling everything up sometime this week, once the fields dry out just a little bit more. A long, cold winter coupled with a wet, cool spring has made us hold off on planting our starts.  

The fields are a beautiful shade of emerald green, nurturing the animals who in turn replenish the fields through their droppings. Nature is perfectly designed to work symbiotically with all living things, giving nourishing life in its many forms. How lucky we are to witness the perfect miracles of nature every single day here at Blue Yonder.  

The hens are laying several dozen eggs per day, and they are flying off the shelves! We feel both privileged and honored to be supplying such a simple item to the locals who purchase them. As always, our produce is free of hormones, antibiotics, and all animals have a wonderful life, roaming the pastures during the day and put back into their respective houses at night.  

We are working on a special program here at the farm next spring, a program which will train US military veterans in sustainable agriculture. For one week here on the farm, we will train ten veterans in a variety of topics: pastured meats, farm taxes, orchard operations, etc. Veterans will meet other local farmers, ag specialists, professors, etc, and have a nice balance of hands-on field exercises and guest lectures. When they leave our program they will also have a business plan outline and have a better understanding of what type of agricultural enterprise they wish to pursue. They will also have the option to rent some of our land and equipment at a very low price if they are in need of agricultural space and tools. The program is tentatively entitled “Battlefields to Farmfields” and we are already looking forward to our 2015 class!  

Several people have contacted us and asked about volunteer days on the farm, how incredibly wonderful! Indeed we have a long list of chores which will only get longer as the season gets going. Hopefully we can get all of the broken fences fixed this year, and get the barns painted, in addition to weeding, harvesting, and all of the other chores we have going on!   As this new season gears up, there is a sense of excitement and wonder in the air; our freezing cold winter has finally come to and end and life begins once again. Nature is a powerful reminder that life can and must go on, that there is a season for everything and that in time, it will all work out.

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